1. Project

The objective of the project is to reduce greenhouse gases and air pollutants, as well as to increase the share of energy from renewable sources in the overall energy consumption balance.

  • reduced air pollution;
  • improved technical condition and quality of public buildings; reduced building maintenance costs (economic aspect);
  • increased public awareness of green technologies of environmental protection and the operation of the EEA Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism (social aspect);
  • strengthened bilateral relations between Poland and the Donor States.


  • Insulation of partitions,
  • Modernization or replacement of window frames,
  • Modernization or replacement of door frames,
  • Modernization of internal systems (central heating, hot tap water),
  • Modernization of ventilation systems,
  • Modernization of ventilation systems with heat recuperation,
  • Solar energy collectors,
  • Replacement of built-in lighting with energy-saving one,
  • Installation for transmission/connection of energy sources,
  • Promotion of the project,
  • Project supervision.


Building of the Inspectorate in Poznań:
The project involves:

  1. Insulation of the building envelope (external walls, external floors and ventilated flat roof), insulation of partitions separating heated rooms from those unheated.
  2. Replacement of garage gates and external doors.
  3. Replacement of radiators with new ones of the panel type with thermostatic valves and installation of riser valves.
  4. Installation of a solar system supporting production of hot tap water.
  5. Installation of supply and exhaust ventilation with heat recuperation covering the largest possible number of rooms.
  6. Replacement of the existing lighting with energy-efficient LED sources and the lighting control in the building.

Building of the Inspectorate Regional Office in Kalisz
The project involves:

  1. Insulation of the building envelope and partitions (external walls, ventilated and non-ventilated flat roof, partition walls separating heated rooms from those unheated).
  2. Replacement of window frames.
  3. Replacement of door frames.
  4. Modernization of internal systems (installation of riser valves, elimination of electric heaters, hot tap water tank, hydraulic balancing).
  5. Modernization of the ventilation system (installation of window ventilators).
  6. Change of the energy source from fuel oil to natural gas (replacement of the burner with one adapted to fuel gas, installation of the connection).
  7. Installation of a solar system supporting production of hot tap water.



Implementation of the project under the name: „Improving energy efficiency of buildings of the Regional Inspectorate of Environmental Protection (WIOŚ) in Poznan and its branch office in Kalisz co-financed by the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014